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Agencies love OneTap's admin dashboard 

We specialize in helping agile agencies like yours drive more efficiency to your fare collection, transit tracking and back office operations.

Overseeing the technology that ties your agency to your ridership is no walk in the park.


We're here to eliminate the hassle and wasted time your current ticketing and route mapping solutions are causing you and your riders.

Bottom line: Tixora helps you sleep better at night knowing your fleet's ticketing, mapping, and backend technology infrastructure is handled and under control at all times.





"It just works"




Safer and more reliable payment collection

Streamline payment collection, reconciliation, and refunds alongside route planning and tracking functionality for riders


Full platform maintenance and updates 

Have your platform maintained and updated by our internal team of experts so no extra work is created for your team


Real time data and custom reporting on your riders

Collect data, reports, and insights into your ridership trends so your agency can make data-driven decisions moving forward

Reasons transit managers love Tixora: 


Riders paying with cash or card can cause delays, potentially slowing down your operations. Reduce dwell time by providing your riders with a fast and seamless mobile ticketing experience.

Have a custom-branded mobile app and dashboard deployed for your agency in days. Never house your ticketing alongside other agencies on a generic app ever again! See how Tixora compares to your current solution(s) here.

Mobile ticketing

Implement account-based ticketing seamlessly. Keep all rider information orderly and trackable via customizable reports (and most importantly, secure and compliant) so you can finally have personalized information on your ridership.

We plug into your AVL system and pull your GTFS data for real-time route updates, bus tracking, and other information that your riders need, operating seamlessly alongside other fare collection systems.

Route mapping

Risk-free and straightforward pilot process to make sure Tixora is the right fit for your agency. Our cost-effective and performance-based pricing options fit into any agency's budget, ensuring you're paying a fair price for Tixora based on your monthly ticket sales.

Using OneTap's admin dashboard leads to:

Great experiences

Tixora phone

Happier riders

happy Tixora riders

Repeat purchases


Daily ticket reporting and analytics 

Receive updates on your ridership numbers, total sales, ticket activations, and more. Figure out who is riding the most and at what time and day. 

Ticket Reporting
Heat Maps

Rider heat map and other ridership insights 

See which riders are activating tickets at what stops. Heat maps help you unlock previously overlooked or unseen ridership trends. See a list of riders who are purchasing tickets on certain days among other trends in your dashboard. 

Multiple pass types 

If there is a pass type you'd like to offer your riders, you can spin the pass up and its details in under a minute and publish it to your ridership. We help you offer your ridership flexibility and affordability depending on each rider's individual needs.

Pass Types
Payment Reports

Payment reports and analytics

Understand how your riders are paying, ensure credit cards are going through, and see payment cycles for your riders depending on their pass types. Knowing your revenue cycles helps you better report internally at your agency and enables more predictable revenue insights. 

Instant push notifications

Service temporarily suspended or altered? Big storm coming? Let your entire ridership know immediately by sending a push notification. Get your riders the information they need, when they need it with no exceptions. 

Rider Alerts
Agency Announcement

Agency announcements and advertisements

Keep riders in the know about updates on your agency and sell advertisement space to local businesses. Give your ridership timely and relevant articles and promotions from your dashboard and link these posts in the app for easy visibility.

Customer service made easy

Bulk up your customer support muscles without any additional work. Let riders get in contact with you, then quickly address any ticket or additional issues. Provide customers with full refunds right from the dashboard, or a coupon for their next ride to improve rider satisfaction after an incident. 

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting on fare and pass purchases

Determine which of your fares and passes are selling the best, and understand which segments of your in-app ridership are purchasing single fares or passes.  

Think Tixora might be a good fit for your agency?

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