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Riders love the OneTap platform

Welcome to your agency's new superpower for rider-facing operational efficiency, improved ridership satisfaction, and most importantly, your peace of mind.


How riders use OneTap:


Download app

Riders download your own custom-branded mobile app in the IOS and Android app stores

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Plan route

Riders receive real-time location data of your buses, routes, and alerts sent by your agency


Purchase ticket

Riders seamlessly choose from a variety of payment options and purchase fares with one tap.

Custom branded app on iOS and Android

Riders always have their ticket at the ready in your app. This enhances your agency's brand, reduces bus dwell time, and creates frictionless mobile fare purchasing instead of riders fumbling for their card or cash at the collection box.


Integrated trip planning

Empower your riders to get anywhere in the city, and know exactly how long it's going to take. We always leverage the most up-to-date GTFS data to show riders everything they need to know about your buses, from stop locations and transfer points to walking distances and time arrival estimates.

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Bus tickets on your rider's phone

Allow riders to purchase fares effortlessly in seconds - no more forgetting to refill a card. Let your riders view their current tickets and the amount of time or rides remaining right from their app.


Track buses and alert your riders with updates

OneTap uses your AVL system and GTFS so riders can quickly plan trips using real-time data and compare route options. Alert your riders when there are detours, closures, or long-term route changes so they stay in the know. 

Update schedules instantly

Enable your riders to have the most up-to-date route schedules at their fingertips, and notify your riders if there is a change in scheduling for a particular route. 


Seamless ticket validation

Unlock affordable mobile fare collection without the expensive up-front fixed cost. OneTap features secure ticketing technologies, and fares can be quickly and safely visually validated by drivers - no additional hardware needed.

Push notifications and newsletters

Never miss sending an important update to your riders. Send push notifications as needed while sending articles, newsletters, and anything else you'd like directly to riders in their mapping and ticketing feeds. 


Accept multiple payment options 

Let your riders pay how they want to pay. Debit, credit, Apple/Google Pay, coupons, and even Venmo. More payment options makes it easier for first-time and repeat riders to buy tickets, increasing your agency's bottom line and decreasing dependance on cards and cash. 

Agency in-app alerts

Easily and quickly send out an app-wide alerts and let your riders know about closures, important schedule updates, or any other crucial information that needs to reach all of your potential and current passengers. 


And so much more:


Google Street View integration


Saved trip-planning shortcuts


Customizable rider support 


Order history


Saved rider locations


Contact your agency

Comparison Table

How does the OneTap platform stack up? 


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